When is it ok to ride a bike in the street?

Laura - posted on 09/04/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My in-laws have been letting my two (almost three) year old ride a bicycle with training wheels around the block. One of them follows her and her cousin, so they are supervised. My initial reaction is to ask them not to let her in the street but my husband thinks it is fine. So my question is - at what age would you or did let your kids ride a bicycle in the street?


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So many factors to consider. First how busy is the street?
Second I would be more worried about bike safety and if your child is wearing a helmet.
Riding in the street supervised, as long as your child is complying to the rules laid out, I think is okay. If your child was riding willy nilly and being a danger, I would be right there with you on the off the street until she is older.

I am an avid biker. Our son only has a tricycle though because I felt he should be four or five before getting his first two wheeler. Mainly for the exact reason you are posting. I felt three was too young to be riding on the streets around our complex. Also our son is not ready for that kind of thing. He still has issues being safe on his tricycle on the sidewalk.

So when is it okay? When you feel your child is responsible enough and you are ready.


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Jennifer - posted on 09/10/2011




Hard to give an exact age. Some kids are mature enough at 3, some aren't. Is your in-laws neighborhood quiet, or fairly steady traffic? I wouldn't let my daughter ride on the road around our apartment complex because it is pretty busy but have no problems with her riding on the road by my own folks who see a car, maybe, every 20-45 minutes. There she goes on rides with her Papa around the neighborhood and has a fantastic time. He always makes her wear her helmet and he stays on the outside so she's learning to be safe and have fun at the same time.

If she's always supervised and it's a safe neighborhood I'd be o.k. with it but in the end YOU are the parent and it has to be your choice. If you're really not o.k. with talk to your husband and see if you two can come to some sort of compromise and then provide a united front when you tell the in-laws so that there is no asking him just because you are being "over protective" or something.

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