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Angel - posted on 10/27/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




My son has wide feet and every pair of shoes I try seems to not fit him right. Can someone give me some brand names and styles and specific places I can go? Was wondering if they make a type of stretch shoe that would conform around the foot?? I dont know but he needs shoes since he is walking now and I have to find a pair I feel comfortable with him wearing....


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Jamie - posted on 02/12/2012




New balance have been really good for my son. I wear them around first since my foot is bigger (not by too much, as I have small feet)...he finds them unacceptable and after I stretch them (not too comfy) then he wears them with no problem.

Sunrise - posted on 11/02/2009




We are big fans of Stride Rite outlets. They run awesome sales. My favorite brands for growing feet are Pedi Peds, they have an "original" style that is all soft leather they also have a "flex" style that is a super flexiable soft leather shoe with a thin rubber sole. I also like Robeez & sketchers has a version of Robeez they call Babiees. If you go to an outlet mall you are likely going to find a Stride Rite outlet & a Sketchers store. I love soft leather shoes since they stretch, flex and allow more natural movement, balance & development of their feet. All of these brands can get expensive if your not careful. I've seen them as cheap as $10 and as expensive as $50. To error on the safe side I would buy a size big so there is ample growing room which also helps justify the price. On average I pay $15. Try looking on Amazon or Ebay, but visit a store that carries them to determine the fit your LO will need. We also have fallen in love with Merrells but they are EXPENSIVE unless you hit the oulets. If you do find shoes at the Merrell outlet or a Rockford Shoe Depot ask them if they are running sales even if the shoes aren't marked down, they will often give you $10 off.

Lindsay - posted on 10/31/2009




I would also recommend Stride Rite they carry an extra wide. I am in Maryland and they have a store in every mall and they are also online, they have some on clearance on there website. If you have a Marshalls near you the shoe store inside usually has some. Primigi shoes tend to also run wide and are very soft and flexible. you should also try zappos or shoebuy websites.

Deanna - posted on 10/30/2009




My son has wide feet too. I went to a Stride Rite store and had his feet measured. The store employees were very helpful. I got him a pair of shoes that are made for new walkers (I can't remember the name of them). But they are very flexible with a soft rubber bottom, have a velcro fastening and open up wide, which makes putting them on so easy. They did cost around $35.00, but this is the first pair that he doesn't try to take off (must be comfortable for him).

Bethany - posted on 10/29/2009




My son also has wide feet and i've found that velcro shoes are really easy to get on and off him. I got him a cute pair of winnie the pooh sneakers at walmart.

[deleted account]

We just went to Payless and tried on a billion pairs. We had him walk in what we put on him to make sure that he was comfortable.

Caryn - posted on 10/28/2009




Stride right does have wide sizes but they are pricey. I personally don't like the idea of buying $20+ shoes for my toddler who will either outwear or outgrow them quickly. If you look most times target and even walmart has wide sizes. Try buying him socks that aren't very thick also, this can be a reason his feet seem so wide..

[deleted account]

We have the same problem!! I swear he has the fattest feet... We live in NC so over summer I just didn't put shoes on him, and now he's in a 6!! I tried even like a 5.5w and it didn't work. My mom told me about stride rite as well, but we just had to go with a size thats a bit long for him.

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