September 2009 Babies

This is a community for the mothers of babies born in September 2009. Let's watch our babies grow together and discuss their ever-changing needs. We all have questions and curiosities--I bet someone out there has answers to share!!!


How much does your baby weigh

Hi everyone, I recently got my son's 18 month appointment done and he weighs 23 .4pounds.I have been noticing that he is not been gaining enough weight .He is in 25...


Teething!!! HELP!!!!

I think my soon to be 8 month old is trying to get a tooth. She wakes up multiple times throughout the night crying. any suggestions??????


Just now crawling?

My other 2 were crawling at 7 months, but Miss Brylee just started crawling!!!! Is my Brylee the only 9 months old that just started crawling?!? Any walking yet, or pulling up?


First Foods

I started my little girl on rice cereal at the 5 mo mark. She ate well the first two days but ever since she has rejected the spoon. She is interested in what her 19 mo old...


First Fruits

Josh has started his first foods, including rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, yellow squash, and applesauce. I make his food myself (Beaba Babycook Babyfood Maker is AMAZING...