September 2010 Babies

This group is for mothers who had babies that were born in September of 2010


2nd Birthdays are getting closer!

What fun plans do have have for your LO? Ruby will be 2 on Sept 23, we are having a small party at our house (scooby doo themed) and then the next day we are going out to eat.


What are your kids' favorite foods?

What are your kids' favorite foods. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. My daughter is 17 months and right now her favorite food is blueberries for breakfast, tomatoes and trail...



Anybody elses baby born on September 15, 2010. If so what time?


Mommy's little angel says NO DADDY!!

It seems as though my baby only wants me. She never settles for Daddy nor does she respond to his voice. I don't know what to do. My husband thinks he is doing something wrong...


Let's Introduce Ourselves!

My name is Linda. I have 2 Children. 1 boy & 1 girl. I created this group, because I thought it would be a nice place for other mothers to discuss their children and possibly...


Getting back in shape!

I'm so excited to be starting on an incredible journey with my SO. We have begin the biggest loser challenge a 2 months ago an have lost a bunch of weight. I just went on a 2...


Baby's Food

I have started baby food with Lorilei. She particularly likes apples, bananas and sweet potatoes (well those are the only things she's had...) Has anybody else started the solids?


Boogie Baby?

Anybody else having trouble keeping up with the amount of boogers that seem to keep appearing in baby's nose? Rory hates the aspirator and steam baths just aren't working. What...



I just want to thank everyone personally that did join this group. I'm very sorry that I haven't been more involved lately. I will be on here more posting new links,...



Thank you very much for joining this circle. please feel free to add input to this page. If there is anything that you would like added please let me know. ~Linda