september 2010 babys

for all mummys to be due in september 2010


Is my son a little behind??

I'm just wondering how everyone's 2 year olds are getting on?? My son Bobby seems to be quite behind at the moment. I have a 4 year old too but he was always very advanced so i...


When will you start potty training?

My daughter just turned 17 months probably the same or will be as you all are in the september 2010 group! I just wondering when you all think you will start the potty training...


what date was baby born?

my baby enya didnt want to come out i gess she could here her sisters out her in the end she came on the 13th (unlucky for some but not me) only 5 days over how early or late...



So what are your babies doing now? Crawling? Walking? Eating? Wish there were more moms here..... Would love some more support...


What are your babies doing now?

Lily is almost 10 months. She can clap, wave, almost blow kisses, walks around the coffee table and shakes her head no. What are your babies doing?


Eye Color

Is anyone else having trouble telling what color their babes eyes are going to be? Josie's are still blueish, but turning either brown or green around the center. I can't tell...


Why won't my daughter eat finger foods??

This is driving me crazy! My daughter will eat 3 to 4 spoon-fed meals a day along with 4 or 5 bottles. Eating has never been an issue for her except when it comes to finger...



our babys have been with us almost a year and no1 is posting on here how well the babys are doing or the funny things they are getting up to how many teeth they have, if there...


i am pretty sure i am pregnant again

just want to talk about others opinions on this. i am still breastfeeding i started spotting a week before my period is due. have headaches, extremly tired lol. and my spotting...


my kid is amazing lol

my kid just started standing on his own from the floor. one minute he is walking around my furniture with both hands the next trying to take steps on his own. i am not ready for...


Hi all!!

Hi everyone, Hoping this kicks off soon!! I am 11 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. Due 30th Sept 2010. I live in New zealand. Be good to hear from other expectant mums due...


Please vote!

My son is in a "Happy Baby" contest on facebook! Could you all please head over there and "like" his picture?? He really is the happiest baby in the contest! First you have to...



HI all!! Our little girl is 7 months old now and we just found out were having baby #2!