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sex and relationships

a group to discuss sex and relationship issues with other women


Married bi-curious mom

I've seen a few posts about this but nothing within the last year, Im hoping I can find some moms close to me who might want to meet up and chat. I'm very happily married and...


Experimenting within the family?

When I was a teenager I used to play around with my brother and sister (experimenting). I recently caught my stepchildren doing the same. Do any of you ladies have an experience...


Bi-Sexual Mom's Community Invite

I would like to invite any bi-sexual mom's to join our community. I just became the administrator of this community and we are trying to get new and exciting members to open up...



Do any of the rest of you have difficulties getting your husband to understand the importance of "getting ready" time? For me, I need some warm up; some neck kissing, and...


So What's Your (Real) Number

Not long back, there was a topic asking what your "number" was. I'm curious about what your "real" number is -- the number of relationships you've had that we're (or are)...


Constantly horny

Hello ladies! I am new to this group, I just found it and was like I NEED to get in. lol. Any way for the past 5 days I'm constantly horny. Since having my son almost 8 months...


Whats your magic number?

How many girls? I started having sex at 15 and worked my way up to 16 sexual partners by age 20 which is when i met my fiance and settled down. I think this is a BIG number, too...



How old were you when you lost yours? I was 14 & still with him :-) Nope, no one else!!!!


Craziest place you've ever had sex????

What is the craziest/oddest place you've ever had sex? Did the excitement of possibly getting caught add to the fun of sex?? For my husband and me, we aren't very exciting...


TMI...female ejaculation trouble???

Ok, so this is a little embarrassing for me...i am one of the minority of women who have ejaculations...the problem is not so much the ejaculation itself, but my husbands mixed...


Is it true ?

Is it true that the girl have squirt when they have sex likthe porn video or not ? If it is true how i can let my gf have this ?



Is the size of penies important ? Why ? And what is the different? What is the best size ?