Craziest place you've ever had sex????

Cassie - posted on 08/15/2009 ( 53 moms have responded )




What is the craziest/oddest place you've ever had sex? Did the excitement of possibly getting caught add to the fun of sex??

For my husband and me, we aren't very exciting people so I would say it would be either a public park at night or a parking garage. I would def say that both being public places made the sex a lot more thrilling and exciting.


[deleted account]

Hubby and I love to go to the public beach in Destin Florida. We use a beach towel over my belly and slick shaved pussy, while he is facing me, and eating my clit until I make a BIG wet Squirt spot on the beach sand. Its a turn on when the women walk by on the beach shore and look. We usually setup beach camp, close to the edge of the beach water splash line, but not too far in. We want to leave my wet squirt spot on the sand, so no one will confuse it with beach water. It is awesome!! I love him eating me!! Our fantasy is to have the hotel maid come in on us and watch us and give him a handjob while he eats me and makes me squirt on the maid's boobs!

Jennifer - posted on 10/20/2012




HAHA This is great... I love this conversation... Um... craziest place, When my current boyfriend and I started seeing other, It was summer time and we were drinking one night at the local beach here in town, and there is a boat dock where ppl keep their boat docked, we snuck onto someone's boat that was empty (hopefully) they could have been pretty sure no one was there.... young and dumb, I think about it now and I would freak if I found out someone did that on my boat... would never do it now but it was excited at the time... we use to pull the car over on long drive from my home town to his home town and have sex in the car on side of the road, stop at parking garages and do it when we were out for a shopping day... haha

dont do stuff like that now.. too busy with work and kids. but good times good times..

Christian - posted on 11/08/2013




my husban and i had sex in a parents day meeting inside the empty class was great we done cowgirl i screamed so load he loved it two..up to now i still suck his cock and he fingers and licks me out it is always amazing,especially when he spunks in my hair and tits and saying all this is making me incredibly horrny and i wanna go get him spunk in my mouth now!!!!

#he is great in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Stef - posted on 07/13/2017




So many places LOL! Never forget earlier this Dave, my partner and I attended a meet the teacher interview at our sons was as boring as shit....anyway after it finished I grabbed Dave out in the car park of the school and fucked him in the back seat of the car, with all the other fucking parents coming and was brilliant!
I was barefoot and had no panties my cunt was just waiting and lubed up!

Brandy - posted on 07/12/2017




In a graveyard on my grandma's grave with my husband drilling me good. We think that's where our twins was conceived.

J - posted on 01/08/2015




On the dance floor of a club. I unzipped his fly and took his cock out. I squatted down and sucked his dick. People were all around us, just inches away. The music was laud and we were drunk. I stood up and he reached under my skirt and ripped off my panties. He turned me around and stuck it in me from behind. I was literally dripping wet. I could feel it going down my legs. I was screaming but the music was so high I could barely hear myself. We moved over to a booth and I rode him with people walking by. I loved every minute of it

Beep Taco - posted on 09/14/2013




Believe it or not me and my boyfriend had sex and people gave us money for doing it on an airplane so freaked I bit part of his dick out and kept it♥

Jennifer - posted on 11/25/2012




This is a great thread, love the stories ladies!

hmmm for me the craziest places would have to be-

on the balcony of our 3rd floor hotel room that overlooked the pool (a few teens watched us haha),

when i was in highschool i had sex quite a few times in the bathroom stalls,

and once in the back of a police cruiser parked along the road (i was on a ride along not being arrested lol)

[deleted account]

My husband travels a lot so we often have sex in the family bathroom at the airport before he leaves!

Laura - posted on 08/25/2012




Post a reply!In the office. My husband will do me anytime when I wear my black parachute pants. Everbody at work was off that day and he was doing me from behind with my parachute pants at my ankles, when th ups girl delivered a package!

Sarah - posted on 07/17/2012




on train, in empty carraige
given many bjs on busses and coaches
used to work in small supermarket and had in in the back shop
in public swimming pool once in the pool from behind leaning against the guy
and in communial changing rooms
some others i may get done for lol

Caroline - posted on 07/15/2012




On a giant water slide once. We kept on havind sex in the pool when we reached the bottom but we got kicked out by the life guards.
In the lift of a hotel we were staying in.
In both of our parents bedrooms while they were asleep there.
I gave my hubbie a blowjob at the table at his parents 30th wedding anniversart at a really posh restaurant. I just climbed under the table and nobody noticed except for his cousin who was next to him XD

[deleted account]

in the back of the limo going to both jr and sr proms with the privacy barrier down so the driver could see
in the bathroom at the H.S. with both girls and guys
at the lake on top deck of boat in plain view
public park in our apt complex
adult bookstore and adult movie theater
plenty of parties both out in the open and in bedrooms usually with door open lol
if you can tell the theme I love public and being seen..many many more but I guess you get the idea

Rosie - posted on 11/12/2010




never anywhere naughty with my husband.i already had a kid, and being adventurous wasn't too easy, lol!
with an ex....
in the river while plenty of people were there in the water with us.
i've had sex while driving to the prom, lol, black dress didn't get ruined, yay!

Jackie - posted on 11/12/2010




Hmmm - in the hot tub on a cruise ship in the middle of the day :) fun fun

With my ex at a fishing pier at night.

I, too, think it spices things up. Oh the memories :p

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 11/12/2010




In my husbands parents restaurant (back then he was my boyfriend)…it was after hours around 2:30am…just got out the club…afterwards he made me some yummy teriyaki :-)

Stifler's - posted on 11/09/2010




I used to have sex on the back of one of my old boyfriend's ute down random roads people may or may not drive down. and in the back of the car and once in a field but nothing too crazy. oh and in some alley up town after the pub or we would sneak off and do it and come back. none of this was with my husband or while we were together lol

Emma - posted on 05/07/2010




Police Academy Lecture hall, in a car out side the night club, in a taxi, in my office at work, in the cellar at work, on a big rock in the park, in a night club, in some random school pool after hours.

Jaime - posted on 01/22/2010




Pretty funny reading all the places, and I can relate to many of them. Being part of the mile high club is pretty exciting......... One of my fav's and coldest was on the back of a snowmobile, then we had to try an ATV (for wheeler) deep in the woods (think I was more scared of a bear poping out then being caught by an adult on that one!! Another cold one was our meat freezer (before we opened our meat and not turned on yet!)

My husband and I are pretty much game for anywhere as long as the kids aren't around!!!

[deleted account]

I agree with Brandi...I kinda like the idea of getting caught- only by and adult.. I've never (and never will) do it somewhere publicly where a child under the age of 18 can see or find.
However...i do like the idea of being watched and/or caught. LOL

hubs and I have done it...
~on his brothers couch (while we were living with them and once after they moved)
~in my car (dodge intrepid) in his brothers neighbors driveway while people drove by at night
~on a blanket in a public park while we were "night fishing" with friends
~in the back of an astro van at a boat launch at 2a.m.
~just about every room of every house I've lived in since we met (bent over in the kitchen at my mom's was fun)
~bent over husbands grandparents 4 wheeler (quad)
~Bent over the hood of my dads lawn tractor

I think that's it for right now lol

[deleted account]

I will just leave it at this since a list will take too long.

I am one of the most honest people you've ever met, rather it make me look good or bad. I am also a Nympho that *loves* sex, can't think of anything she won't try and nowhere she won't do it. I love the rush and the idea of getting caught... by an adult.

Sex is the most thrilling and exciting when the thought of someone walking in or watching comes about. :)

Morgan - posted on 08/26/2009




On a picnic table in the park, Tennis court, up against someones fence in a back alley

Deanne - posted on 08/19/2009




The craziest place was on the car bonnet in the middle of the bush. It was so scary!! I kept thinking big foot was gonna come out from somewhere! But I couldn't stop hehe!
Other places - my primary school (& a few others! oops!), parks, nightclub toilets, in a room full of 'sleeping' people, in the beach with fishermen in their boats watching LOL, on the beach at night with people walking past (hopefully they didn't see!), in a gym, in a petrol station toilet LOL, seriously, where HAVEN'T we done it!!!!

[deleted account]

Heheh - trying to think if I've had sex in any strange places. Im not really one for public displays and I dont do cars. Umm..hotel balcony and fiances office are probably the highlights. Otherwise its generally in the comfort of our own home :)

Heidi - posted on 08/19/2009




Well I have a few out of the ordinary places. Like in the Student Council Room in high school, the top of a high rise apartment building in Toronto, the bathroom of a grocery, during work hours( i know pretty bad), the beach and on a plane on our way to Disney in the bathroom of course. and in a Real Estate office after hours.

This is such a fun thread! I love it!

Mel - posted on 08/18/2009




havent had sex in any strange places. against the desk in the computer room in partners parents house

brothers bed

in tha car parked in a vacant lot with cars going past on the main raoad watching

and ive given head while partner drives and had people see (like your Loureen lol)

oh and at the beach day and night time

Melissa - posted on 08/18/2009




Chinese restaraunt bathroom.

Basketball court at Highschool.


Back of a Camaro, Saburban, Van, in a Toyota Corolla

Kylie - posted on 08/17/2009




weirdest place would be at my primary school on the playground fort at night (i wasn't in primary school at the time:p) Other places were on the beach in the back of a 4wd..we ripped out all the back seats and had a bed installed, there was curtains on the windows but the back was was nice with the breeze but i was freaking out someone might pop their head in and say hi. We've done it in the dunes and in the water at the beach, under a jetty at low tide, in the disabled loos at a the car while driving (very stupid)

Girlio - posted on 08/17/2009




9th hole of a golf course on the green in the middle of the day, beside the river, highway rest stops, the airport.

ME - posted on 08/16/2009




On a camping trip in a tent with others at a bonfire outside, in my hubbys best friend's parents bed during a party (for 13 hours), in the car while driving (oral)...that's about it...I'm pretty boring!

Lindsay - posted on 08/16/2009




We used to out in Josh's car parked in front of his parent's house while they were home back in highschool...that was nearly daily! We've stopped in a random open field before, a dressing room at the mall, hot tubs, in a sauna, and maybe not the most crazy place but....we were all into on a tractor on my granddad's farm only to be met by headlights shining right on us. It was my uncle....ugh....that one did not turn out well....=(

Michelle - posted on 08/16/2009




Oh yeah, a camping trip in our tent. It was great cos people were walking past the tent and we could hear people chatting. Felt like everyone knew what we were doing.

Samantha - posted on 08/16/2009




In my front yard with people passing by. At random friends parties. In parks, in and on cars, pools, forests, parking lots, clubs. Oh my just about anywhere we can have sex lol.

Sneaky public sex is hot!

Charlie - posted on 08/16/2009




LOL thought of more :

half built construction site
in my friends cupboard while people were in the bedroom ( no one knew we were in there ) i hope .

sneaky Public sex is exciting !!

Jocelyn - posted on 08/15/2009




omg i wish i could get my hubby to be more up to pubic sex, i love it! so far with him the craziest place would probably be our back yard, or out friends shower. sigh, so plain. but i've done it, in a public park, a tent, a hot tub (with others around lol) and my then-boyfriends parents bed... but not with my boyfriend LOL (i know it's not a crazy spot, but that deserves some credit!)
i'm working on my hubby tho, one day i'll get him to do it on a balcony, or on the dance floor at a club.
oh, we did do it in front of our giant living room window, while it was night out, but had all the lights on inside, so the thrill of ppl seeing was there, but he felt safer (i guess lol)

[deleted account]

hehe I like this thread!
The best place I had sex was on the hood of my then boyfriends car in the middle of the winter (where I live -25 is the norm for winter)....I guess we fucked so hard it wedged his car into the snow. We had to call friends of ours to pull us out of the snow....hahahahaaa try explaining what your doing in an abandoned parking lot at 2 in the morning....haha
Others places have included....parks, bathrooms, and random pull overs in the highway....

Kate CP - posted on 08/15/2009




In the back of a Saturn station wagon on the third floor of a parking my parents' swimming pool...on the hood of a honda civic on the top of a parking garage in down town Dallas...with people watching. I'm blushing just thinking about that. It wasn't with my husband (we were dating and had broken up at the time) and he has never known about it...and never will, God willing.

Charlie - posted on 08/15/2009




at the beach during the day , it was deserted i think ,lol
Toilets in a nightclub
its not sex exactly but giving my fiance head while he was driving on the main highway we got busted by a truck driver .
in a field at a music festival ....

Michelle - posted on 08/15/2009




A graveyard, me and a guy i was seeing were walking home one night very drunk and cut through a graveyard as a shortcut. He trew me down on the floor and teared my clothes off. Mindblowing sex! Im getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

Sharon - posted on 08/15/2009




Um wow, uh on the fountain at the entrance to an apartment comlex.

On the bumper of my truck in the middle of the day at the entrance to a popular hiking trail ( must have had 20 people pass by) I don't think anyone could tell because because I had this massive full skirt on. It looked like we were just cuddling. I hope.

I did these things when I was young and crazy and there is no way you could get me to do that now!

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