Sex and milky breasts *G*

Kylie - posted on 09/25/2009 ( 12 moms have responded )




This is for breast feeding mothers. How does you partner feel about touching or kissing your breasts when you’ve got milk? My husband is fully freaked out by the milk thing and pretty much stays away from my boobs during sex, he prefers to look and not touch. His excuse is he was never breastfed as a child and the idea of tasting human milk makes him feel sick!? We have a mate who is obsessed with his Mrs lactating breasts, he used to go on about milk squirting everywhere when she had an orgasm and how hot he thought it was and he loved sucking on them..eek!
I kind of miss the breast action and since I don’t plan weaning my baby for at least another year.. that’s a long time between gropes. Any other BFing Mums have this problem?


Sarah - posted on 04/12/2012




my ex hubby loved feeding from me. Breast feeding my boy then off to have some more fun with my hubby. my boobs never got so much attention

Jocelyn - posted on 09/29/2009




To us, it was ok to "go there" (lol) after the first couple months, after the baby had slowed down a little. Hubby's tasted it, didn't seem to mind it. I haven't like, shot milk out at him or anything tho LOL. Hubby loves my boobs and they are definitely one of my hot spots, so it was never really an option to not play/suck/bite them. We normally go with biting anyway, and that doesn't seem to encourage letdown. He actually loves the nursing bras; quick and easy access so he says lol :)


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Jennifer - posted on 12/20/2013




Breastfeeding our first child was tough, but once I got the hang of it, it was great.

However, sometimes, I'd get too full, our baby would drain one breast leaving the other full and sore. Hubby ofered to help, I accepted.

We both loved it. No sex, but numerous times I masturbated to a climax while he suckled me.

Sarah - posted on 05/24/2012




my hubby loved it
it made me so horny as well. and i developed a thing for when i orgasmed, i would lactate loads without too much detail i enjoyed the attention my breasts got from feeding and the from sex and back to feeding which led to hubby wanting a second helping lol. i think i must have gone down a cup size that affernoon lol

Emma - posted on 05/07/2010




My hubby loves boobs but was not a fan of being dripped on or getting it in his mouth

Cassie - posted on 10/04/2009




My husband had a thing for my lacating breast when I was still breast feeding, absolutely loved em. When I stopped breast feeding he would even help by sucking out the extra to relieve the pain (the pump didn't get out this milk)

Sharon - posted on 09/30/2009




omg it made my husband MORE horny. about drove me nuts. I won't go into detail - but yeah he liked it.

Deanne - posted on 09/29/2009




My man loves it. I've tasted it & it doesn't have an 'awfully' strong taste.

Cassie - posted on 09/28/2009




My daughter is 11 months old and still breastfeeding strong. First the first few months, I always wore a top during sex (I was a little shy about my post baby body and was always engorged and leaking) My husband avoided my breast area for several more months as he was somewhat intimidated by the idea of my milk but he did enjoy the sight of my breasts again! Which made me feel so much more comfortable. For the past few months, he has become a breastman again!!! He loves to caress, kiss, suck(not on the nipple though). A couple weeks ago, he was feeling especially passionate caressing my breasts while I was on top and got a face full of milk. We had to stop for several minutes as we were laughing so hard we couldn't concentrate. I remember at my post baby obgyn appointment that my dr told my husband and I to approach sex while breastfeeding with a good sense of humor. If you are able to do that, then a little squirt of milk here or there won't hurt either of you! :)

Heather - posted on 09/26/2009




My husband had no issues with it,but I never had a let down from an orgasm w either of my kids. Try to get him to lick instead of suck, maybe that is a good compromise for the 2 of you?

Mel - posted on 09/25/2009




my fiance accidentally tasted it once. i didnt know i still had milk there, from memory. He said it was disgusting

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