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Sex Talk

Sex Talk A group to discuss all sex related topics, Form Libido before and after you had your kids, to how to teach your kids about the birds and the bees. Woman to woman frank discussion, advice and support.


Dose penis size really matter ?

Size facts (there is pictures of penises on this link) How important is size to you ? The length or girth ? What would you...

Started by Emma on 05/19/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 10/20/2019 by Danielle


What age did you lose your virginity?

I was 14 - very naughty!!! But then so was my hubby so that's not too bad. I really hope our children don't follow in our footsteps it makes me terrified the thought of them...

Started by Lady on 04/14/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 04/14/2019 by Rebecca


Do you like giving / Receiving Oral sex ?

Do you enjoy oral sex or hate it? Do you do it to return the favour ? Have you gone from not liking it to liking it or the other way round ?

Started by Emma on 04/15/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 03/16/2019 by Rachael


Trimming the hedges

How do you style your pubic hair? Are you a baldy, a bush, or something else? Do you do this for yourself or for your partner?

Started by Lyndsay on 11/01/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 02/17/2019 by Rachael


Anal sex?

Ever tried it? If so, do you enjoy it? I am now at the point where it doesn't hurt and it will feel good, but only while spooning. How about you ladies?

Started by Ashley on 06/02/2010 in Sex Talk

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anal sex

i love it but myn husband dosent. how cxan I get him to fuck me in my ass??

Started by Mary Ann on 05/04/2013 in Sex Talk

Last update on 12/03/2017 by Lakshmi


Do you or you partner have any fetishes ?

The top ten fetishes in reverse order. NUMBER 10 Stomachs Men and women both agreed that taut tummies make them somewhat crazy. But others said that they would never bed a...

Started by Emma on 05/14/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 10/05/2017 by Tony


Hi Im new here!

Hi Im new to circle of Moms! My name is Stef, Im a SAHM down here in Auckland, New Zealand, with two gorgeous little boys aged 3 and 5 years...keen to keep the sexual fire going...

Started by Stef on 02/15/2012 in Sex Talk

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F***ing or making love ?

I was watching MAN its a TV show hear in SA and they where discussing the Difference between F***ing and making love. One guy said its all just F***ing no matter if your in...

Started by Emma on 05/09/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 08/09/2017 by Nikolina


Pegging ?

Well the way i found out about this was in another thread and well i had never herd of it before so looked it up, i thought it would be some sort of bondage i was wrong so if...

Started by Emma on 05/03/2010 in Sex Talk

Last update on 07/13/2017 by Brandy


Anal sex

Does any woman REALLY enjoy it?

Started by Mark on 05/19/2017 in Sex Talk

Last update on 05/19/2017 by Mark