Sexy Mommas Of Different Races

I want to create a community of sexy moms of different races and backgrounds...How Cool! I want to know what an ordinary day is like for that woman. I want us to talk about anything that's on your mind. So you dish it and lets talk about it.


Hello ladies !

Hi my names Jeanne. I'm new to this whole circle of moms place. I am interested in finding out everyone's nationalities. I am African-American, Spanish, French and Vietnamese. I...


Hey girls!

Hey ladies..Happy Mothers "Every Day"!!!!! Do you have any new mother's Day pics? Go ahead and post them to Sexy Mommas of Different races. Let us see them.


Well Hello there!

I just wanted to say hello and wanted to know how you were doing. How is life treating you?... Did your child or children do anything funny lately? Write me or talk to me. I...



Based on the Valentines Day Poll results I see that for some of you sexy mommas you didn't have an enjoyable Valentines Day. :-( I'm so sorry about that. So...if he didn't do...


Hi Girls!

My Name is Thema AKA sweetheart. I am a Black woman living in Maryland. I'm 30 years old and engaged to a wonderful and gorgeous man. Also, I'm a mother of a 9 month old. In...


On Valentines Day

Well Valentines Day is coming up ladies. As a sexy momma, we are use to being treated fabulous on Valentines Day of course. This Valentines Day I would like each one of us to do...


Will you be my Valentine?

So who said that Valentines Day is just for us ladies? We have to do something special for our men too. We need to show them just how much they mean to us in a special way. On...


Excuse me Ms.

Okay real talk. Why are men so attracted to pregnant women. I remember when I was pregnant guys use to try to talk to me all the time. Infact more when I was pregnant. Lol!...


Real Talk

I'm inviting all sexy mommas to chat about everything and anything. The chat time is 9:00 To 10:00 every night.



Please tell me why are men so insecure?! I mean, me and my dude are engaged but he still finds a way to make it seem like im interested in other men, just because I like to...


Will Power

Why do some women use being pregnant as an excuse for eating too much and gaining too much weght? Being pregnant is something you and your body goes through but exercise and...


My baby

My baby Jazzy is 8 months and a few weeks old. Sometimes she gets this cough and cold. The first time she had a cold she was 2 months old and it was more of a nasal congestion....