Frugal Miami Valley Mommies

I'm gonna make this a place where you can come and get ideas from other people in the area about deals in the area. This will include links to online coupons and other money saving blogs, people can post the great deals they found around town, and we can all share information on saving money and raising a family on a budget! You can even arrange to share coupons with someone. Just keep it respectful, please.


March MadnessEven at Kroger

Spent my break yesterday picking up some deals at Kroger. Think I did a good job :) I got; 4 Nestle Purelife 24pks of Water 4 packets of Bumblebee Tuna 4 boxes of Creamette...


Stocked up on Haircolor

Kroger in Sidney has a bunch of Haircolor clearanced. So I just go 4 Boxes of Clairol, 1 box Perfect 10 and I box of Revlon for $0.11!! Take your coupons ( had some Catalina's...


2 shopping trips in one day

Today I made 2 "trips" to Kroger (since I work there, I only went once, but made 2 transactions out of it). On the first trip I got ; 3 bags Quakes 3 boxes of Advil (24 count)...