should I let my daughter at the age of 12 get piercings??

Hi, my daughter is 12 almost 13 in 1 month, she wants a nose piercing badly, she brings it up in every conversation, her attitude is not respectful at all, but I have to admit she does get decent grades, I don't have any facial piercings, but my daughter wants tons (septum, cheek piercing, belly button piercing, butterfly piercing, etc) She used to cut herself, and keep in mind shes only 12! She wants all these things, but I'm afraid she's too young... I'm Italian, and I really don't want family members saying I treat my daughter like shes 20. I don't know if I should let her get these things, but she really hates me and her father, she doesn't show any respect towards us, she honestly doesn't deserve it, but it's something she likes..and she wants her hair purple.. Opinions?