Sibling Relationships

For mothers with more than one child, or mothers thinking of expanding their family.....Ask questions, or help other mothers with concerns they may have on how to deal with the many issues that arise in having more than one child in the house (ie. arguing, competition, jealousy, juggling your time between your children etc...).


What do you want to know?

I have a very confusing situation that has been a problem in my family for 40 years now. My full sister married my ex-husband following an affair that started prior to our...


7 month old jealus

Hiya my name is kirsty, I have a 7 month old daughter, but my partner has 2 older children. a son whos 6 and a daughter whos 3. we have the kids during the weekend but it can be...


Does this Community Still Exist?

Loved the title! Familiar with the description of siblings that are close in age and giving me a run for my money when it comes to ways to help survive these tough years!!!...


Anyone interested in joining?

Hi. My name is Wendy and I started this community about a week ago. I have 2 children - a girl who is 5 and a boy who is 2 1/2. I started this community in order for mothers to...