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siblings far apart in age

For the mom that started all over again. Your child(ren) was in school, you had some freedom and now you have a newborn.


Help does my son need a sibling ??

Hello I'm new to this so will start from the beginning I have 2 children from a previous relationship my daughter is now 13 my son 11 I met my husband 8 years ago after having 2...


starting again

just when you think you had it all figured out. my children are 9 years apart. it's like having 2 fam's in the same home. my oldest was so happy to have a younger sibling and...


Another sibling?

When my husband and I had our baby girl in April 2008, my stepson was 8 years old. The age difference between them didn't seem to bother either of them very much, but it has...


Embarrassed of baby sister

My seventeen y.o son would have friends sleep over our house every weekend. It wasn’t unusually for 3-5 boys to be over. It was almost like, “hey do these kids have...