Simcoe County Mommies who need to VENT!! All in good humour and fun!

A place where local Moms can feel free to vent about their kids in a non-judgemental environment. If you need a sounding board after a really rough day with the kids and you wish you could stuff a sock in their mouths and duct tape them to the inside of a closet for the afternoon...and know that everyone around you knows exactly where that frustration comes from and will NOT judge you or think that you are seriously going to act on've found a place to call home! This board is meant to be fun, light and NOT to be taken seriously. Mothers who are venting about doing horrible, unspeakable things to their darling children are doing just that...VENTING or fanticizing! So if you don't like what you see or find it distasteful or wrong...please leave...we didn't ask YOU to join! Anyone else who knows this is all harmless fun...WELCOME to a place where you can be you and wish for the few minutes you're here that you didn't have kids!! LOL However, I also guarantee that no matter what anyone on here might say, if they are anything at all like me, your children are your life, your heart and your soul and you would NEVER, EVER do anything to hurt them...but because of our poor inability to deal with the everyday frustrations of raising children who do not come with manuals, we need to be able to have some fun without someone thinking we're off our rockers and they'd better call CAS to report us!!! LOL JUST INNOCENT, HARMLESS, FRUSTRATION and VENTING!! Nothing more at all!! So have some fun...get a sense of humour or please LEAVE!