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Single Aussie Mums!

A group for all single Australian mums to talk, vent, whatever with other mums all in the same boat!


Looking for friends in Brissy!

Hi i'm Krystal, I am 22 and have a 14month old Son. Feeling pretty lonely with no family close! want to meet some people close to my age to talk to and maybe have play dates too :)


Good things about being a single mum!

Hi ladies I thought it would be nice to hear what everyone LIKES about being a single mum. I knoe at times it's really tough and depressing but sometimes we need to look at the...



I wish I knew where all the decent single men are. I swear all I have to do is mention the words divorce and single mum and it's enough to send most blokes running for the...


meeting guys!

So as we are single mums I just want to know if you gals ever get out to meet people? I really want to meet someone special but just can't seem to get out, wether because I'm...


First Birthday Parties

Hey girls, how are you all? It's coming up to my son's 1st birthday next month and with the cold weather I'm not really sure what to do. What ideas have you girls had?


How do you cope....

When you just wanna, AAARGH!!! Just want to hear how others deal with things when the going gets tough. I guess most of the time I try going for a bit of a walk, deep breaths,...