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Jamie - posted on 03/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have been married for 7 years to a man who has a sexual addiction. He has cheated throughout the marriage and stupid me kept forgiving him. He left me for a year then wanted me back and of course I went back. We now have 2 girls one is 6 the other 1. He charged all kinds of 1800 calls to my charge card that he is not authorized to use emptied our bank accounts before xmas and had himself a goodtime. Then he took our 6 yr old and held her upside down and above his head as she screamed in terror. He laughed. That was the last straw. I left and am staying with family while I finish my degree. Unfortunately he kept everything except the kids things and a car with a high car payment. He said if he keeps it he won't pay on it. I can't get a divorce till he comes back from deployment in 18 months. How do you begin to restart your life in the best way for your kids?


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i don't have the same  problem has you about my boyfriend ,, but after 7 years , he tells me he doesn't love me no more ,, it hurts very very much  but i do have 2 girls  9 and 14 yr. that love him very much and he loves .. but it is time to make the right choices ????????  he said  he will stay and help to pay off some bills  I will have to sell the house { it needs way too many repairs} get an app. it is going to be hard because i work at min. wage  it's going to be hard.

but when we have kids to worry about { the men don't have that problem they just move on } we have to be strong for them  try and make it easy for them and then cry ourselves to sleep thinking what next ?????? what should i fix next ,,,,,,get up in the morning strong again {just a show} for them and do what is right ,,,,,,maybe think with your head and not your heart  but if you are like me right know it is broken ..hopefully you have good friends to help  ,i know  I do but it helps to talk to someone going though it  ......maybe we can lean on each other

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Hugs to you!  I have twin 7 year old girls and a one year old son.  We've been on our own for a year.  I've always been a stay at home mom and went on welfare when my husband left us.  I want to be able to support us, but I'm not sure how to do that right now.  I've never had a job and I have severe anxiety about leaving my son, so I'm kind of in limbo on that part of starting over.  I have to work to qualify for benefits, so I'm babysitting another toddler boy a few mornings a week.  We are very involved in our church which is pretty much the only reason I am surviving emotionally.  My kids have several good 'uncles' because of our church family.  Don't know what else I can say that might be helpful.  Hang in there!

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