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Hi, this is my first post....I had a really stressful day. I am a mom to an 8 year old daughter, I am a single mom...just like all of you. My exhusband is a "recovering" addict and doesn't help me at all with our daughter. He just recently started paying child support after 4 years and only because the state tracked him down!! I live with my parents (who don't help) for the past 4 years after we lost our house...which is a whole other story. The reason I am writing is because of my job. I have a part time job Monday through Friday 10a-2p. Because of the stress in my life I get sick often (maybe once per month) plus if my daughter is sick I have to call out to take care of her....maybe this means once every 6 weeks I take a day off. I ALWAYS get a doctor's note whether I am sick or my daughter just so that it is on record. He approached me today and asked that I not make any appointments during my scheduled shift. I know this seems like no big deal but I am so sick and tired of people who have a "partner" judging and saying things like that!! Plus I am not "scheduling appointments" its the school calling saying "come and pick your daughter up because she is sick". I would love to have someone to call up and ask to watch her when she is he does to his wife or family member! But I don't have that! Why can't the world see....that not everyone is a "typical" family?? I think it is so rude to cast judgment on people. When you don't have a partner it is harder...I wouldn't change anything please don't get me wrong....but these people just suck!!!! :( just having a bad day and didn't know if anyone could relate...


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First, I must say I like your work schedule it allows you to see your daughter off to school and be there when she comes home. Now, as a single mother of two who work schedule was 7:30am -4:00pm when her kids were smaller I think you need to rethink your actions. Please take this as positive suggestions and not rude behavior. As a manager I understand where your boss is coming from. This is a part-time job where you only work 4 hours a day and most doctor office take appointments up to 4:30pm. Please focus on the positives and stop the pitty party it sounds like you are having. As a mother you have to set the example for your daughter. Use this situation to show her how to over come a difficult situation.

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