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Hi, My name is Fareeda and I am the single mom of a 2 year old little girl and it is rough. Does anyone have any ideas about coping with being lonley and not stressing out between work and wanting to go back to school and can't affording daycare? Thanks


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hey fareeda,

i am a single mom of a five yr old boy and sometimes its tough and sometimes you feel like theres no time for you but at the end of the day as you watch your baby sleeping you know its all worth it! i work and am a student and juggle my kid's schooling and extracurriculars as well! its hard i know but we are strong so hang in there mate!! online schooling or correspondence learning is definately the way to go. it gives you the flexibility of studying in your time and takes away the costs of daycare. also with work..its hard when you have a little one but maybe family day care is the way for you. this is one way of working from home...providing you can handle other peoples rugrats :)

anyway i hope ive been of some help...keep smiling mate :) p.s as for lonliness maybe look around your local area for other moms who walk together or get together for lunch with their children...that way your never in the position of feeling like your tagging your kid along and she has social interaction as well. take care.

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Hi Fareeda, I just wanted to say hang in there. I know how you feel and I know that what I have done, since as a single mom it's difficult to go out and hang, is really get into my hobbies ( I know that sounds lame, but it's the compromise that I make to try to have "something" for myself). Regarding school, have you looked into online schooling? Maybe that's something that may work.

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