How do I help my daughter cope with her parents separating?


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April - posted on 04/17/2009




It really depends on how old your daughter is. If she is older and knows the difference you and her father have to make she she never thinks it is about her or because of her. Staying cordial and kind with her father never letting her see you argue over schedules or visitations is also the best. Do not ever talk bad about her father in front of her or let her know what you are really thinking about her father. And do not use her as a pawn against her father. be honest with her when she asks questions.

Andrea - posted on 04/08/2009




i seperated from my husband i have 3 children i found being truthfull was the best thing and never putting him down in front of them also we havent managed it yet but work together where they are concerned like going to parents evenings together

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