How do you get the heart and leave your other half when there are kids in the picture

Brandy - posted on 11/23/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Things between me and my other half are not good... he drinks to much and doesn't spend time with me or the kids. the kids love there dad but I am tired of doing all by myself when I shouldn't be when he lives in the home.


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Yonedi - posted on 11/25/2009




Only you know what is truly best for you and your kids. Just remember that you can't make your kids happy if your not. If you leave you'll feel something was better than nothing, but yet it's not a healty enviorment for your kids. He needs to fix his alchohol issues before so he can be a good other half and father. Maybe you leaving will give him a wake up call. I don't know but try to talk to him and see what you two together can come up with. Good luck!

Candice - posted on 11/25/2009




you need to think about what is in your children's best interest. not yours, not his, but theirs. i don't know what that is...but you do i'm sure. if he is not spending time with them now, would it be the same if you left? doesn't sound like they'd lose anything by you leaving. and they may gain a home that doesn't have conflict in it all the time. or an alcoholic in it. whatever you do, always keep their interests at heart...and you'll know you did whatever you did for the right reasons. best of luck.

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