How to cope with the ex!!!

Julie - posted on 05/15/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Today the ex call me so we could have a meeting!

Wow, what a piece of (*?$?%? !!!

His uncle and his family had magage to hide money from me and now he will give me only 66$ a month for my son how live with me 365 days a year. And on top of all he sais that he does not have the money to pay me !!!! Him and his family are trying everything not to pay me. I hate him , his uncle pay the rent every month but no money for me they realy are )(*&?%%$#&?*()*&.

PLEASE can someone help me coping with all this PLEASE :*O(((((


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Yonedi - posted on 11/25/2009




MEN SUCK!!!!!!!!!!! There are the very few rare ones that know what they have to do and do it with no hesitation. I just don't understand the way they think! But! Yeah, sad but true in your case the best thing to do is to go to court. He gives you NO CHOICE!

Candice - posted on 07/30/2009




sue his lazy ass. my ex has managed to whine and moan his way out of support for 15months and i finally got fed up. too bad if you're broke (he works, he just spends more than he makes). too bad if you're having a nervous breakdown! i wake up every day angry because he won't take responsibility for his daughter. and now that i'm suing him for support, he says he's gonna fight for joint custody! i had to fight to get him to see her more than once a week (i did it because she would cry and not know who he was when he came to pick her up) and now he suddenly wants her 4 days a week? yeah right! he just doesn't want to pay support. i'm so sick of it all.

how to cope? keep looking at your child's face and knowing that when they grow up they will make their own decisions about who is the good parent...and you will come out on top because of all your hard work. i know when my daughter is with both me and him, she wants me because she knows that i'm the one who's always been there for her. keep your chin up...and get a lawyer. call legal aid if you have to.

Nichole - posted on 05/28/2009




Julie.. I'm kind of in the same boat but my sons father and his parents don't want me to go after him for child support because it will hurt his money situation.. Well it's like this if hes man enough to help make a child he needs to be man enough to help take care of his kid...I have alot of hate towards my sons father for everything he has put me through but all my son needs is a strong mother and family to be there for him

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I agree with the other post - take him to court!!! I am in the process of doing the same thing. My ex told me for six moths that he did not have the full amount of child support and then shows up to pick my son up in a bright shiny new Toyota Tacoma!!!

Good luck with the court thing. It is anxiety provoking but will be worth it when it is done!!

Lisa - posted on 05/22/2009




TAKE HIM TO COURT... Let the judge decide how much he will pay.Most states have a minimum that a parent has to pay( IPROMISE ITS MORE THAN $66) Mine tried to quit his job to say he couldn't afford child support...Well I still got $250 a month because that was the state lowest he could pay. Stand up for yourself and your child... YOU deserve it. DO NOT LET HIM PUSH YOU AROUND..

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