I am a single mom working 2 jobs with an 11yr old and a beau ....

Laura - posted on 09/06/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a single mom, I have 2 girls 20 & 11 . I work 2 jobs to support my mom & my 11 yr old whom is very much getting attitude & hormonal .
I have been seeing a man ..... whom I am getting very attached too .... we've been seeing each other for 8 months & things a good between us .... Whats not good is I think my daughter is jealous of the time I spend with him & I think she doesn't feel as important to me as he is ... which isn't the truth at alll ... I just can't seem to win at all with her lately ... is this something I should address ... is there a way to help her ? WIthout leaving my beau ?


Victoria - posted on 04/01/2012




My son is 7 turning 8 and he is determined I am never dating. I have let him know every step of the way that I was going to date someone eventually but also told him that I wouldn't introduce him to anyone I wasn't sure would treat him right. I have now been seeing someone and have introduced him and it took him a bit but he is doing better. All she needs is reassurance and knowing that she is very important to you. Ignoring it won't help and alot of what she does is for attention. So you have to pick and choose what to acknowledge. Don't worry she will relax, maybe go on outings with all of you so she can get attention from him as well. That will definitely take the pressure off you for a bit. Also remember she is turning into a teenager so she will be disagreeable for a few years :( sorry.

I know this is a late post for you but I hope things are going better.

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