Is it O.K. to give a 10 year old cold medicine? I've heard that all cold medicines are bad.


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Candice - posted on 07/08/2009




they changed the regulations on cold medicines about how old a child should be before you give them to them. this was due in part to possible overdoses and parents mixing multiple kinds of meds, and some very young children getting hurt by it. the numbers of bad incidents were very small, but they felt it was enough to reconsider giving them to young children. this is also partly due to the fact that dosing instructions are based on age, and not weight. children's weights vary drastically, so they are considering working on weight based dosing instructions. but until more research is done, they are recommending no over the counter cold meds for children under a certain age (6 i believe).

first: i believe all of them are still listed as safe for 10yr olds.

second: talk to your pharmacist. they will know the new rules (if they aren't already on the labels of the medicines)

THIRD: and VERY IMPORTANT: read the labels! don't give your kids two medicines with the same ingredients in them at the same time! this is what leads to overdoses. for example, if you give tylenol, don't also give a cold tablet that has acetominophen in it.

hope that helps (i did a bunch of research on this this year) :)

Chivell - posted on 04/07/2009




its fine to give a 10yrs old cold medicine something like demizine (thats what its called here anyways). Jus ask your pharamacist what they think is best. i personally give my 7mth old son Demizin although its recommended for 2yrs+ but i give it to him in smaller than the recommended panadol doses. Theres nothing wrong with cold medicines just stick with the brand you know and if applys your parents used when you were younger. My mum gave me Demizine when i was a baby so i'd could sleep, as it basically dries up a runny nose. If your really worried look up the suggested products on the net there will be site  that can give you details and other parents with opinions on them.. Hope this becomes of some help to you :D

but i also agree with Kerrie's idea although echinacia is more of a preventer than a reliever, its kind of like vitamin C but its a before colds thing there are many natural things you can get for kids for colds/flus these days just watch most are preventers. Or thats what i found personally with me. Each person to there own with how things may work.

Kerrie - posted on 02/24/2009




Hey, if it were me, i'd use something homeopathic.  I don't believe in 'regular' medicines. I do believe they are all bad.... I could go on forever about that, but I use several different things to keep the immune system healthy ~echenacia (spelling?) And I use hyland's cold medicines, very natural and they won't harm the body! If your in to reading a great book is by Kevin Trudeau, all about medicines, and the drug and food industry.... And the book, "The Wise Woman Herbal" is a great help when you need a home care remedy! Hope this helps!

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