What can you do to calm your baby down?


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Chelseaszidik - posted on 04/13/2009




Raising and lowering the blinds works for my daughter because the noise distracts her and then she is distracted by what is outside.  This doesn't work if she is hungry or hurt.

Candice - posted on 04/13/2009




my favorites with a colicky baby were the running shower and the stove exhaust fan. and bouncing...oh man...bouncing worked when nothing else would. i've mastered holding her in a cradle position with her bum on my knee while i bounce my knee. she's almost a year now and they all still work when occasionally needed.

April - posted on 04/10/2009




Without knowing how old your baby is, different sounds may work. While not great for the conservation of water, my baby girl 7 1/2 months old will stop all fussing when I run the kitchen sink or bathtub. I'll let her put her hands in it or just look at it. Or I sit her on my lap and play patty cake but I clap really loud to distract her. But when she isn't feeling good nursing her or holding her really close help to. But first thing is first, make sure your baby isn't hungry, ill, has gas or hurt.

[deleted account]

Stomach/wind pains when he was younger i gave him a couple drops (from an medicine/eye dropper) brandy in a pop top lid of water.

Please tell me you don't serious give your infant son alcohol?!

Chivell - posted on 04/07/2009




Depending on the reason for the calming down being needed.. for upset cuddles are the best thing my son loves to be held nice and close. Stomach/wind pains when he was younger i gave him a couple drops (from an medicine/eye dropper) brandy in a pop top lid of water. Otherwise now my little man gets himself worked up when he's over tired i let him cry himself to sleep or give him a bottle to calm him and he usually falls asleep. Though when he was younger (he's 7mths now) i used to have to literally give him to a relative or friend to calm him down sometimes because the more aggetated i got only made him worse usually he'd fall straight to sleep within minutes of being handed to them.. gives you a chance to calm down to. if they only calm down for the other person when handed back you being there calm they'll fall asleep real quick :D hope thats of some help..

[deleted account]

When my son needs to calm down the only thing that really works is nursing him.  Even at just a year now, when he is hurt or upset it is ALL he wants.  I'm at a loss for anything else.  I try other means of calming him, but he wants none of it.

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