what do i do when our apt is so small its one bedroom and i have a 10 year old daughter and i am going to have a baby in 8 weeks


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First, I want to apologize for the long response, but I enjoy decorating and had to do a lot of space hustling myself to fit my son and I into a 1 br apartment.

Which is the biggest room in the apartment - the bedroom of the living room?  I would suggest trying to split one of those rooms in half either for your two children, while you occupy the living room area.

Let me tell you what I did in my 1BR apt.  The apt consists of 4 rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen & bathroom).  SInce I am able to have a small table in the kitchen (which we dont even eat in), I dont worry about the whole dining room thing.  For the bedroom, when we first moved in, I occupied it.  It had my bed, chester, a store bought closet, my corner desk and workout stuff - everything that was central to me.

In the living room, I divided it, using 2 3rds of it for the living room, and the final 3rd (which comes to about 8 feet x 12 or 15 feet) for my son's "room".  I purchased a bunk bed set for him, but used it like a loft bed with him sleeping up top, and the bottom area used for storage of toys, a book shelf, etc.  He had a rug, his own Fisher Price desk which had several compartments and could open up into an easel, a 13" tv/ vhs set, an armour, and other little things.  The space was compact, but the key was to make everything in there multifunctional.

The room was divided via heavy duty material which I hung from the ceiling (I purchased the hook screws to affix to the ceiling).  The material reached floor to ceiling.  I treated that wall of material like a real wall, with an entrance section for my son to be able to enter and exit, and went about setting up the living room.

Now we've switched "rooms" and I have the smaller space and he has the bedroom, and I have to say I dont even really miss the bedroom because I still have all that I need.

Also in the closets - we only have 2 - I bought extra racks (the pole that goes across the width), and we use one level for shirts and the other for pants.  In the kitchen I put up extra shelves on the walls, use curtain racks and hooks to hang some of my pots and pans, etc.  Like I said before, I try to make as many things multi-functional.


Since you are about to have a baby, here is what I would suggest right for now:

Put your daughter in the smaller room and you and the baby in the bigger room.  Since you need crib space, and other baby items, sleep in a smaller bed yourself, or a hi-rise or pull out that will take up less space in the daytime but can open up at night for you.  If your bigger room is the living room, then maybe a pull out sofa or loveseat for you to sleep on would be best (for presentation).  An armour for all of the babies clothes and grooming items and another one for yours (or storage cubes like the ones at Target, with the drawers).  See how you can compartmentalize all of your closet space - and where you can safely put up shelfs (in the kitchen or any hallway space) would ne good too.  I know there are books and magazine that offer a lot of space saving ideas.  Since I'm at work right now I cant think of any other specifics right now, but if you want more information, I will be more than happy to pass it along.

Sometimes we have to work with what we have.  It's better to have a 1 bedroom apartment then no apartment at all, so I believe that you can make something comfortable enough for you until you are able to get a bigger place. 

Anyway, sorry again for the long response, but I just wanted to offer as much info as possible to help!  Good luck!

Pam - posted on 01/31/2009




This can be a hard one when you are a single mother raising your children alone. However a 1 bedroom aptmnt is not suitable for you your daughter and a new born baby. Illness can arise in such cramped conditions and its not good for the childrens developments. If there is a scheme that supports single mothers ring them and tell them your situation and that you fare the complications are going to arise. there is help out there and as a wonderful mother bringing up your children alone you should be able to lift your spirits and do what is right for your babies and i am sure you will. I find that funny we are always as single parents putting our children first, and then we look and say what does anyone ever do for us. However our children are our strength and no matter how bad or good they are we still keep going for them. Well good luck Huberta and i look forward to hearing about the out come. Take care.

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