What should I do, her dad has not make any efforts to see her anymore, she miss him a lot

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My 5yr old girl's dad decided for a unknow reason to be out her life. He was never constant but was around and will spend time with her at times. Is been over 2 months now and no word from him, he is fine because he talks to his mom and sister, they are now awared of what's going on but I told them not to say anything to see how much longer it will be. I told my daugther he loves her, people love differently, maybe he had to go somewhere for a job, he will come back to see her, etc.. I try to not mentioned him and is hurting me a lot to see when she cry for him.

He stop paying day care, which was the onlything he was doing, child support is been over 2 yrs that I been dealing with this case, they have not been able to serve him to go to court he is not working so his ss# is not active to garnish

Should I call him? should I let go and she will leave with it? I don't feel taking to him at all I guess he don't care anymore.

What should I do?



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what happends is that he is very selfish snd inmature. He has desapear before and I as always the one telling him about it. I just give up this time and let go to see how long or what he will do, but unfortunally is like nothing for him. Not even care to ask for her, this really bathers me a lot specially when she cry for him.

Ashley - posted on 05/30/2011




I'm sorry you and your daughter are having to go through with this.

As much as you might hate to.. I think you should talk to him and tell him what he's doing is hurting the little girl. I'm not saying it'll help.. But it might. It's always worth a shot to try and talk to him.

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