Single moms dealing with Depression and/or Anxiety

I started this community because Im a born again christian, and to see what I go through everyday with, a mood disorder, anxiety attacks, and I wanted to know who out there suffers from what I do too. Maybe not exactly the same...but woman who know what its like to go through this! Its for moms of any age....young or old....just add yur comments and ideas...and things we can all learn from each other! Please NO profanity, or bad language! This is about children and anyone can read this stuff, so please just keep it at a mature level! Thank yu for yur time.


Single Mom

I am a single mom living in Orange County. I have no close family. I am blessed with 2 beautiful kids. Dom 10 and Mia 7. I struggle with depression daily. I have my good days...



I am so glad I started looking around here! I am so thrilled to see this place! I am Ashlee I am 25 and a single mom to Dominic 3, and LIllie 18 months. My husband and I have...