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Cia Kulubo - posted on 08/12/2012




I know a dead beat dad with a broad social media presence.. he even has a radio show call in. If ever a homo sapiens merited being punkted. There are at least two women who have file for child support - but I am not eager to draw attention to my self because I have a position with clearance. I do regularly inform case worker but this is interstate and NY can give a rodent's patuey. they had him arrested- let him go an number months ago and then complain .. we can not find him. I averaged 25 a month for 8 months he is 200K in arrears nothing came this past month. He text me how can we get out of the madness I could not stomach a reply. Knowing he can not make one meaning ful gesture to this little person- not even a card or letter for this child, he does not try . he can get him self to the West coast for the Major Award ceremony's. He can feign concern for the youth today. I was heartbroken then cold and mournful to learn there are at least 5 others. I only knew of the ex wife who disclosed far more. My extended network does not exist they are states away . Yes his passport and license have been seized but he figures a way to get around it. If it was not for his desire to be so public in the broadcast I would not know much. It is appalling how little is done. I do not have the resources to compromise my effort to raise this one to lawyer up. I do not know what is real and not but he must have real hate on another level (misogyny) .t I have to raise this child not to duplicate and not incorporate these actions in his psyche. Creating that foundation presents are more formidable challenge.

Alisha - posted on 08/06/2012




Oh wow, does that actually do any good in getting the dad's to not be deadbeats?

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