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my 13 year old son hates school since he started high school, hes a very clever lad but is now underachieving and costantly misbehaving, ive tried talking to him, punishing him and liaising with the school but nothing i say or do seems to make a bit of difference, im at the end of my tether, any suggestions???


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Ilanit - posted on 04/28/2009




that the reason they calling it,hard teens..they thinks they know everything.
1.Well talk with schoolif there is any change there, with schooling or behaviore
2.is any change in your family, father, grandparents?
3.do some fun things with him, have the day just to both of you.
4 ask from his father or anther adults friend to have a good talk to him, you know heart to heart.
5.have you done something/or said or he saw somthing that might upset him, Think back and try to remamber when his behaviour start to change.

I hope it will help. ( sometimes is all about feeling importent and attantion)
Good luck:)

Sharon - posted on 04/27/2009




Chances are he is being bullyed. When a child starts acting out that usually indicates that something is on his mind. Find someone he might feel comfortable talking to. A family friend, uncle, cousin, someone you trust. Find out now because it might be something you haven't thought of but might need a little attention.

Alison - posted on 04/27/2009




Hi there, he maybe feels vunarable having just started high school and its showing in his behaviour, and being a boy (a man in the making) they often dont admit things like that, have you spoke to his friends to see if they can give you a clue,it could also be that he feels he needs to fit in and be cool with the older boys at high school, he is at that age where the more input for want of a better word from us parents makes them less likely to listen and or behave....... Ali.xXx

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