18 year old comes home with a tattoo 😪

Latoya - posted on 06/08/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




I do not know why I feel so hurt by this??? I am totally disappointed and disgusted with his decision to mark his body with Roman Numerals of his great grandfather death date.
In all fair he turned 18 last August and he wanted one then. I said, "No, not while you are in high school. When you graduate." Well its graduation time and he has been pressing me about getting his tattoo. I asked him, son wait- wait until you start college and in six months if you still want to do it you have my blessing and I will pay for it. He did not respond. He pressed and pressed how he wants a tattoo and that he will not change his mind in six months. Well he came home today with a hidden tattoo 😲😪 under his right arm like where Steph Curry has his😡 Get this part- he tells me in Micheals while shopping for his graduation party. I was so disturbed I left everything in the basket and walked out.
I know my son is a good kid, respectable and very compassionate however I just can't bare to look or talk to him. Please help, I do not want to be angry with my kid.


Sonyahawkins4812 - posted on 06/09/2017




Hang in there, mom! I know you want the best for your son and you love him dearly; that’s why this hurts so much. However, calm down first, then talk to him. Communication is the key. Why did he want this tattoo so badly that he went against your wishes? Also, let him know how you feel. This is a season of independence, but this too shall pass. Give it time and he will come to you for advice 
Good luck! I wish you all the best

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