2nd time single mum lost hope

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Is anyone else out there is the same boat? I have a four year old and after two years of court had to let him live with his father and his new gf because I had not money to fight anymore, and I have a 12week old baby with a man who has left me and is off playing happy families with a new gf. I am so lonely and know I have bad PND and I am getting help but I really don't know if I want to be a single mum again and go through the heartache of doing it all over again by myself, I don't think I can pick myself up this time it's bad enough to be left with a baby on your own once but twice is just too much especially on top of my son living with his dad who I miss all the time! My baby is perfect and so happy I have considered adoption he deserves better than this! I am so depressed and I know the constant lonely struggle that's to come on all fronts, it's like since I have had kids I hate being single I didn't mind being single before I had my babies but now I can't stand it, I hate leaving playdates knowing that will be the last adult conversation for the day and sitting at home all night alone! I want his dad to love us I never saw this coming..like I have this baby and have no one to share him with I am so lonely as a parent and I have already done this once I don't think I can do this again, I have family and friends but it's not the same my heart aches for me and my baby to have his dad around I want to share his milestones with him and have him there to laugh with when he does something funny and I can't come to terms with that not happening, I really don't feel like I can get up this time I am so unhappy and broken.


Sarah - posted on 03/12/2017




You do sound depressed. I hope you are seeking aggressive treatment for this issue. That said; happiness is not guaranteed by a partnership. You may find you still feel alone and sad with a man. Learning to be happy with yourself and your child has got to be your top priority. Once you feel good about yourself, you will attract others to be in your life. Now is the time to turn to friends and family for support. Good Luck!

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