6 yr old troubles in school?!

Nicole - posted on 12/03/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am at my wits end with my 6 yr old and school!!! He is sooo bad and dont wanna listen to his teacher or anyone at school!!! i am always getting called in.. for meetings and notes are sent home!! I dont know what to do anymore!!! i try n take things away from him and that dont even phase him!! I try and get his father to talk to him and that goes threw one ear and out the other.. Now im the only parent in the household with 2 other boys!! i just dont know what to do?!!!


Kari - posted on 12/03/2009




I'm sorry to hear this - there is nothing worse than the stress of a naughty boy at school. Now I'm not saying to 'justify' or look the other way but you really have to ask yourself if your boy really has bad behavior? I say this because every year for the first month or two of school I get notes home from my sons teachers about his behavior. He is in 3rd grade now and same thing this year! This year his teacher actually said the other kids were scared of him because he's so much taller than them (he is 4'10") but by no means is he a bully. He is the typical gentle giant. However he is very social and a natural leader. Once the teachers actually got to know him they always comment on how much they love him and what a good kid he is. Some teachers don't seem to 'appreciate' the difference in boys. They are more active, and often viewed as trouble makers. If you honestly think that your son's behavior is 'normal' I hope that his teacher quickly realizes what a good kid his is.

If you think he does have problems you should try reading some books to learn how to bring out his best. 'Boys Left Behind' is a great book to understand how to motivate your boys. You could also work with the teacher on little things to keep him focussed. If your son talks out of turn, interupts the teacher ect - you can try using a squeeze ball. When some one else is talking he can squeeze the ball so he knows to focuss on not interupting others. Little things like that can make a big difference.

Also, as you stated, the punishment isn't working. He very well might be acting out to get attention from you. Try giving him no reaction to his naughty actions and lots of attention and positive feedback when he doesn't get in trouble.

Good luck!

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