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Abby - posted on 03/09/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a Nine year-old daughter that has always slept in the same bed with me. Unfortunatly, I started this habit from day one and it has gotten out of control. She now will not sleep in her own room/bed. I have tried re-decorating, nightlights and laying down with her. But nothing is working. She is too old to be sleeping with me! Please, any suggestions are welcomed!!!


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There is something to be said for being flexible. changing her to her own room will feel to her like shes being "evicted" after nine years... you could start by helping her to see the benifits of growing up and becoming more independant in some other areas. with the goal always being that she will eventually feel totally fine in her own room. you can spend your "hang-out time" in (her) room and not allow your room to be the only comfy-cozy place. She has bonded to you and that kind of abrupt "moving out" can hurt your relationship if you dont keep communication open and keep encourraging her to try .

However- if you have already done that for a while consistantly, and your daughter is just being obstinate... then I agree that you will need to but your foot down.

Janine - posted on 03/10/2009




You need to put your foot down, and make her sleep in her own bed.It will a struggle initially as the child will probably cry almost every night and want to sleep with with you.( but stay strong) Once you make the decision to just harden your heart and let her cry, it will work. It may take you month to get her accustomed to her new room, but in time if you keep continuing this it will work. Getting kids to learn about independence during the early years can be very tough.

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