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Im a single mother of one 10 month old baby girl. i am doing everything on my own, when she teething when she sick when she is just plain crabby its all me. Then when she is happy i have my mother and my sister and brother always wanting to play with them.. why cant they help me out when she is not in a good mood, instead of jsut watching me cry out my frustration whenever i put her down for a nap...

I m moving out after the holidays and im not sure if it will be a good idea .. or if it will be easier for me being able to play with her when she is happy and not be cristized when i dont do things the way my mother did... im just not sure if im ready


Mandi - posted on 10/27/2008




Well, the only way to know is to try. Four years ago, after six months of living with my parents after my divorce, I moved out on my own again. My son was two almost three and HARD!! It's okay to be sad and frustrated. It's okay to put your baby down in a safe place to cry it out while you go cry it out. It's part and parcel of being a single mom. I think you might find freedom in being on your own. It's hard, but four years later I finally feel confident that I can take care of business on my own. I had some scary and terrifically hard times. I learned A LOT! Now, I'm on my own, taking care of my own life, and working on getting into graduate school. I can't promise it will be easy, but it will be rewarding. You won't do everything right, but if you did your daughter would never learn how to make mistakes. It isn't about the mistakes we make, it's how we go about fixing them. You can do it!

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