almost 9 months pregnant and dealing with baby daddy drama!!! help!

Brianda - posted on 08/16/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just found out that my ex who I was trying to fix things with for my baby is now living with his new girlfriend. Now he is telling me that he is going to take me to court. I am very scared I do not trust him with the baby and he has not been helping me at all throughout my pregnancy or for the arrival of my baby girl. I am not opposed to him seeing our baby. What I am not ok with is him wanting the baby some days during the week and during the weekend. I have to express we are talking about a baby that is going to be a newborn an obviously the baby needs to be with me. Is there any way the court will just grant him visitational rights say until the baby is a year old?


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Stephanie - posted on 08/16/2010




just don't let him take the baby without a court order because he may not return her.

Olivia - posted on 08/16/2010




I am sorry that you are having baby daddy drama. I had that for a long time when i was pregnant and a while after I had my son because my bdaddy couldn't grow up. If he does take you to court they will look at the house holds you and the baby daddy live in and see how stable they are and go into a bunch of other background looking at. I know in my state (South Carolina) they have this mother law and they almost always grant the mother the rights until the child is 5 years old.. (unless the mother was very unstable and had drug problems or other issues. Courts know that a child needs to be with their mother.. especially the first year of life. I wouldn't worry too much, I would really talk to your local family court attorney and see what they have to say. Are you planning to breastfeed? Because I think that really helps to make sure that the baby will stay with you. Not saying that is the reason you should breastfeed, bc breastfeeding is an awesome thing for more reasons. Good luck hun!

Klarissa - posted on 08/16/2010





I am sorry to hear that you are going through this at 9 months pregnant, I would suggest talking to your local county and finding out what your options are and letting them know your situation because every state can be different. I know that currently right now you are scared but you will know in the end to do what is best for you and your child, i wish you the best of luck

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