am i over re acting?

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the father of my child has not seen his son since he was 3mths. since then we have been at it about him direspectul towards me and his lack of help with Hayden.

reason i dnt allow visitation:
direspectul toward me (my thing is if you not gone respect me than you not gone respect my rules when you have my son)
he got my sons hair cut without my permission he still has his soft spot and not 1 yet
thinks its his mom respondsibility to bring hayden to him
fathers mom want take her tit out my baby's fathers mouth
he does nothing more then the minimum uncle same tells him
he has denied my son basic needs formula diapers when i needed add'l

welp i decided well maybe if i let him around he will change his attitude understand what its like n help me more....DIDNT HAPPEN

I am on the internet and find family pics of his new wife n my son first time meeting him n she is taking pix with him. I DIDNT APPROVE nothing against her but because thats jus to much for the first time let me get to kno you lady.

am i over re acting she is 19 with a 2 yr old but i still would like to kno her first and feel comfortable with i feel it was all a show and for him as a father who didnt wanna help me is taking 300 pix my son is not n accessory.


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i dnt have animosity against him n ummm a man needs to respect the childs mother as well as the mother respects him thats the only way co parenting works....,him getting my childs hair cut with a soft spot is not responsible everything i said in here was a lagitimate concern for all mother except the pic thing which is the only thing i feel i maybe over re acting on...n i kno my son is not the step parent o u bet your ass im going to get to kno everyone that comes in this childs very protective of this one right here n his action were not respondsible read b4 u reply next time thx

Michelle - posted on 07/27/2012




First of all it is not just your son he is not a possession he is a person for whom you and your ex are co parents. It does not matter whether his father respects you or not as long as he is being a responsible parent to his son. Your son has a right to get to know his dad and if his dad is married then he has a right to get to know his step mom whether you have met her and like her or not. You need to get past your animosity towards this man and get used to sharing your child because your son needs his father in his life.

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