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I'm at a total loss of activites to do with my 4yr old daughter at home..unfortunatly the weather usually isn't the best to go outdoors either it's raining or it's 110 degrees..she has a pretty short attention span enless she is playing on the computer but than that's her playing that and me sitting watching tv because she doesn't like you to help her she wants to always figure it all out on her own...ANY IDEAS??!?! I feel bad we don't do more together. Thanks In Advance


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hide and go seek, she sounds pretty grown up you could include her in cooking, some cleaning or other chores you do and the rule I go by is when all else fails, craft it up a bit my son is "high needs" so we have our own activity rotation so things don't get too mundane. This may not be a good option for you but even if it's raining take her out and let her play in the puddles and experience nature for all it has to offer. As long as it's a short adventure and shes dressed properly it shouldnt be a problem. My mom used to take me out in all kinds of weather as a child and some of my fondest memories took place in dreary grey parks and on the porch while it was raining, I take my son out as much as possible as long as the weather isn't dangerous to him (his asthma acts up in the dry cold or when it's really humid hot) and I personally feel it was a worthwile experience for me and will be for him as well even though it may not seem like it to others. I hope that helped a little bit, best of luck!

Jen - posted on 02/24/2009




Have you ever though of cooking ?  One thing is that you can walk over and ask her how does the game work or praise her as you walk by . doing that she will tell you how the game play . you can ask her if you and have a try of what she is doing . Let her explain what to do .

Some time it ok if she want to be alone and do stuff on the computer . she would be ready for school . go to the  library  borrow some books that she likes. May be that my help

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