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anybody dealing with a custody case in court?


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Toni - posted on 07/16/2010




yep ive been in and out of family courts for yrs 1 of them went on frr 2 yrs my daughters father spent fighting me in court and i still got custody then another one it took 2mths i got custody again then i went again this time i got custody and the father got no access now going through my last one and im gettin custody again men stuff up so much and if u know there bad side it helps in court ill list some stuff for u all to remeber for family court. tell courts if he dont pay maintance, if he ever violent or abbusive or controling, if into drugs how much he drinks if alot, does he have a criminal record,is he and his family close as family and there support means heaps best of luck ladies

Stacy - posted on 07/15/2010




Yes it is a hard road to go down. I wake up everyday and wonder why he would take me to court after 4 years. I have had the kids this whole time. He only wants custody of my 12 year old daughter, not my 2 sons. He is neglectful in so many ways to the children. He tried to diestablish paternity on our oldest in December and when he found out he was going to loose, he dropped the case and filed for full custody. He has manipulated my daughter by promising to buy her things and lets her come and go as she pleases, and even allowed her to date an almost 16 year old boy. It hurts everyday going through this and seeing this happen with my children it makes me sick. I wish you luck, keep your head up and don't settle for nothing less than your child deserves. I will pray for you.

Caitlin - posted on 07/15/2010




i pressed assault charges against my baby's father in january, he responded with temporary/full custody (temp first then full) but i was awarded full custody and he has limited supervised visitation, i'm hoping when we go back for a review next month with the judge that issued the court order will let me move out of state, him and his fiance/ex wife are drama and won't leave me alone and are trying to brainwash a 10 month old into thinking that's her family, and financially we'll just do better down in florida (my hometown)

Jess - posted on 07/15/2010




I am from Canada so the laws are different here when it comes to Custody and support, as well as everything else I guess, but I am going back to court on the 20th of this month, we had our first hearing in March where I was awarded Full Custody of my Daughter &he can't see her unless I say its okay, however, he has never made any atempt to see her in her 14 months & 3 days of life so it was never a concern to me, hes saying hes on disablity and he cant pay and what not so the judge ordered him to provide tax returns for the past 5 years, he must do a finanal statement with the court (saying what he owns and what debt he has occured) and proof from his doctor that he cant do ANY type of work and therefore has no choice but to be on disablity, she was born in May of 09 but i can only ask for childsupport dated back to September because thats when I have proof i contacted him for support, hes a real piece of work, he has three other children two more daughters and a son, he has nothing to to do with those children either, this came up on the first day in court and the judge was not impressed so i am hoping that works in her favor. I am not very hopeful that he will end up paying support for her anytime soon BUT that being said we will just keep going back to court i will go forever for her, its a pain in the ass to have to keep doing this and dealing with him BUT shes worth it, her needs are more important than mine and she deserves it.
The thing that gets me the most is that the court does NOTHING to them when they are ordered to pay and dont, they will take their drivers licence or they will go to jail from friday to sunday, what if they dont have a licence, he is claiming he lost his due to medical, with him not having a job and being on disablity going to jail for the weekend isnt gonna bother him abit its three meals aday he doesnt have to make and a roof over his head, it just makes me so angry that they do nothing, while my daughter still needs groceries, and clothes and diapers and day care and a roof over her head and a warm bed to sleep in and running water and heat and lights... i could go on forever, now dont get me wrong shes NEVER gone with out and NEVER will it would just be nice if it wasnt so hard every month, we are required as mothers to give up everything, our lifes as we once new them and we must now "do whats right" while they get to go on living as though nothing has happened or changed dont get me wrong i LOVE my daughter and i dont regret having her, i regret how she got here but NOT having her, it just hardly seems fair that in the year 2010 we are no further ahead then we were 60 years ago when it comes to dead beat fathers!

Charity - posted on 07/14/2010




Yes i am.I actually go to trial this friday for full custody of my daughter and to get the paternity testing final with my daughters father. He didnt want to go to court, but i had to do what is right for my daughter and that was take her father to court, so i proceeded with it, and at our first court date he started denying her as his daughter. I am ashamed of his actions but i am pleased to say that i am the best mother and father my daughter could ask for. I do what i have too to keep my daughter happy and be there for her..I wish you all the best with this, and hope you stand your grounds and do whats right for your daughter, good luck and stay strong.

Emily - posted on 07/13/2010




Yep - I have a long-term restraining order against DS's father, which lasts until March 26, 2011. Next month, we'll be setting a date for the custody trial.

Nikki - posted on 07/13/2010




i will be too. i servedmy daughters father with the papers june 30th. im waiting to see how he responds to what i want

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