can anyone help me please?

Chelsea - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have been with my baby's dad for over a year and a half and just recently we have been arguing a lot. it mainly has to do with his family. his mom butts in our business and points blame all at me. she tells us we need to go to talk to a mediator. every time we argue we are at his parents and he tries to keep my daughter and our daughter from me. recently i had to call the cops and get them to make him give me the kids. i went to our house with the kids and was full on depressed. the next day i took him to get his paycheck and he got fired. we ended up working things out but now he has been just up and leaving me and taking our baby. he said he had to go to a job interview and he would be back at 2 30 but he came back at 5. then as soon as he comes home he says he is leaving to go to church which i dont dislike church but i dont like this particular church because his ex goes there and i am a grown woman and he only goes to the youth group. i believe i am too old to go to a youth group. then when he comes back at 10 at night he acts standoffish and like he is in his own world. he had been gone all day and he didnt say anything when he got back. he just went to our bathroom and went to take a bath. then this morning he gets up and tells me has to go to another interview so i go with him and he drops me and our baby off at his moms and he tells me that we are staying the night where he can watch a football game that i didnt know anything about. i think that he is trying to make me leave him. what do i do?


SingLe - posted on 08/10/2012




i would go to church with him. If your concerned about his X going there. Even if hes in youth maybe he has a hear to help or work with youth. But you will never know if U dont start getting more involved at the church with him so you can see for yourself why he still goes to the youth. =) Does he know how you feel ? I was with my kids dad for 12 years and i went through alot with him. It seemed that i had more bad/sad/depressed times than good with him. It was very hard but I let him go. There was lots of things he did without me like he had 2 diff lifes. And i was kept in the house in my "ROLE" wich was to take ocare of the kids. Dont scrafice your happiness .

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