can my sons father take him from me?

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my sons father left me when i was pregnant, and i finally got in contact with him when my son was 9 months old. my son is now 10 months old and his father is threating me saying that he is gonna take full custody of our son once he gets his apartment. He is in the military and im worried that hes gonna try everything to get our son. we came up with our own custody agreement and had it notorized and he keeps going against it already, i know he is gonna try and use everything he can against me. what can i do? can he actually take our son away from me 100%? please help me because ive been in tears. mind you he is an asshole towards me and is verbally abusive and has even done it infront of our son, and "play" hits me but he has left bruises from that.


Sandra - posted on 09/22/2012




Don't waste any more tears on this guy, keep your power! It is rare that a man gets sole custody and seeing as he wasn't even involved with you in the beginning, good luck to him! It is not going to happen. "Play hitting"- well I don't think so...if you leave a bruise???and your play hitting someone you don't even have a relationship with ( I call that assault). I work with victims of crime. He sounds like he is very controlling and he is making threats in an attempt to control you more. Docuement everything dear, right from when you were pregnant, behaviours, visits, it all. It sounds at this point that a visit to a lawyer might give you a lot of peace of mind. I know it is hard but never give in to his "less than behaviour" and react in the same fashion as he will use that against you. Be strong because your son needs you and don't worry he will not get him!!! Just doesn't happen unless of course you are a former convicted axe murderer. He has only known his son one month! Blood does not a father make.

Good luck and keep the faith!!!

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