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Hello, I have a 1 year old daughter who was born April 23rd. I was looking for advice because recently my child's father and I broke up in April he then got a new girlfriend in April, this month I was beat up
By his new girlfriend and my child's father, I want to get a restraining order and full custody, my child's father wouldntext everyday seeing how aria is doing but he has not seen her in over 2 months. I did tell
Him he could not see her this week because he Held me
Down on the ground while his gf was on top
Of me beating me up.
In front of my child yes police was called but the officer there was a complete jerk and for some reason protected my child's father. That's another story, but am I wrong for not wanting my child around him or his gf, I can't even close my eyes without thinking about that day, I cry myself to sleep since the situation happened. Not because I was so shocked he did this to me but because I heard my child screaming while I was trying so hard to get to her and leave but he wouldn't let me. Please need advice thank you so much!


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I understand your feeling but kid is innocent and she should enjoy mother's love and father 's love both.
She shouldn't be involved into horrible things between you and his dad. I think you should ask for lawyers ' help
for custody , child support and visitation time to settle all troubles soon. Be brave for your baby

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OMG sorry this happened to you.. but you are NOT WRONG in not wanting your child around him and his gf. How could a man be a willing participant in that to the mother of child? Doesn't matter what circumstances are; it's not right and definitely damaging to both you and your daughter. I would fight hard for custody and hope you have documentation of everything, like police reports and pictures.

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