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Mydaughters dad is moving back home (TEXAS) to find work. My daughter (3 months) and I are staying here in Canada till. i am a SAHM and i recieve enough money from mat leave and government to support the 2 of us. What is a reasonable amount to ask from him, if any for support????


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Shirlena - posted on 01/31/2011




I would ask for more than an $100 or more to help get food and thing for your child and you!!

Keri - posted on 01/26/2011




What province are you in? In Ontario it follows the child support guidlines table. It only depends on how much he makes gross(before taxes). And I agree ask for all extra expenses (daycare, extra health coverage, sports) to be covered in proportion to your income. Or if you want you can just ask for half of expenses. That is the standard here, he will also be expected to carry a life insurance policy with your child as beneficiary. I just finished going through the courts here in Ontario and that is the starting point of child support usually wont get anything less.
The support guidelines are available online.
Good Luck

Julie - posted on 01/26/2011




Everything will depends on his income and how much he is paying rent. Also will depend on your income as well.

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depends on his income. depends on your income. depends on his expenses and your expenses.
I know - a vague answer. Check online - I am not entirely sure what the resources in Canada are, but here in the states, usually each state has an online child support calculator that also figures in the cost of living within that state.
You may want to ask for child support, and in addition get a agreement that he pay 50% of all health/medical, dental and vision expenses for your daughter. Also 50% of daycare is standard for when you go back to work. you can work the day care cost into your monthly sum, or you can submit receipts.

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