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Background: The father moved to another country for 7 yrs and has now moved back to the states. Hasnt played a real role in the childs life and paid $2,000 in support over 11 yrs. I initially went to court in 2005 for support but was told i couldnt receive support becuase US didnt have jurisdiction in Japan. Now that he is back, I filed again and he is now being forced to pay support. So here are my questions: I live in Hawaii and the case was transferred to GA. Supposively the cases was finalized in Sept however I never received anything from GA stating this and I believe he was suppose to start paying in Nov but I have not receive anything. What can I do. #2 My son was born in TN and I receveived assistance from the State and the father did no help. Can the State go after him for back pay of medical expenses?


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Contact the state of Georgia. The family court. Explain your situation and see if they can look up your file. Then update them on your current address. Now, every state is different so I don't know about TN. I know in NY just because your child is on medical doesn't mean the father has to pay. He doesn't. Same thing for food stamps. You don't even need to fill out that area. However, if you are on full public assistance, you do. If you were on public assistance as a whole meaning medical, cash assistance and food stamps then yes notify TN there is a child support order and let them go after him for the medical that he would of owed. But this may vary also. Because nothing was filed as an order when your child was on medical there may be a very good chance they'll leave that alone. It's different if the order was there when your child was on it.

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