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Sharon - posted on 10/17/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ok my Daughters deed beat father is suppose to be paying child support to a child support agency and they are suppose to be sending me the money but when I ask him (my daughters father) if he has started paying yet he keeps saying that they (the agency) hasn't sent him any info on where to send it and every time he supposably call they tell him they'll be mailing him the information on where and how much to send. It has already been court ordered that he pay $25 a month (not much but every little bit helps) and he owes $175 in back support but still hasn't payed a penny. Should I call the child support people myself to find out why he still isn't paying? I really need the money even though it's only $25. now he's taking about leaving state and if he does then I know he'll never pay. What should I do?


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Michelle - posted on 10/18/2009




It is different in many states but I do know that if you get on a 4-D program they just take it directly out of his checks no matter what state he is in. I think you should call and talk to the prosocutor, they are really getting better with making the absent parent pay.

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Absolutely call the Child Support Agency and tell them the situation. If you have to, go get the paperwork from the court. This is so ridiculous to me. The court ordered him to pay child support and really, it's not that much, but you need it and it's his obligation. I pay child support to my ex husband $507 a month for 2 kids because he owns his own business and I never pushed to see his business records. Hopefully soon he will make some money and it will decrease my child support. I don't mind paying child support at all, because I know it's so he can provide for the girls. He's a really good dad, just wasn't such a great husband or provider.

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Depending on the state and the order - and the way that the state agency operates, they may deduct it outta his paycheck. Yes, you do need to contact your local child support office and find out what's going on. Maybe you can arrange it to where they can take it out of his paychecks, all you need is his social security number in most states and they can wage garnish.

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