Child support, Paternity Testing, and Legal custody???

Lisa - posted on 03/14/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My Child's father is not on the birth certificate, I'm looking into making him pay child support but am afraid that he would gain parental rights if i do, My son is about to be 3 yrs old and his father has never once been around or helped pay for anything, what are the laws about parental rights given in this kind of situation and would this make him able to have partial custody over my son? Also my understanding is a DNA/ Paternity test is required, my sons father wants no part in my sons life; Do they do a court ordered test in this case?

I'm deeply seeking information if anyone could please help me out...


Lisa Marie


Melissa - posted on 03/16/2012




You're where I was not too long ago, which is why I came on here for advice :). From what I understand...and ladies please correct me if I am wrong, if you do pursue child support, he will have to take a DNA test in order to get child support started. My son's father wants nothing to do with him either, and had always dodged getting the test done. But then, I didn't keep up with it, because in the end I realized my freedom was worth more than his money. However, if you do keep pursuing it I believe the state will keep going after him. Unfortunately if you do end up getting child support from him, he will have rights and he can try to use them to his advantage, even out of spite. Unless you have documentation as to why he should not be allowed to visit his child, if and/or when he decides he wants to, there isn't anything you can legally do to keep him away. I guess the question really is, is it worth going through the trouble of having that as a possibility? I'm not sure what kind of person he is, I can only go on my own personal experience. And hopefully I gave you the right information!


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Stephanie - posted on 07/19/2013




I keep getting all the worng answers im wanting 2 no if a dna test can be worng me and my now ex this has messed my life up we got a dna test done on 2 of r kids witch is his one was his one was not now I have 4 kids in all and 3 bds and we all got tested at the same time I layed out on the table witch kids futhers r witch and they tested my last 2 kids wit the 1st bd than use the.same test and.tested the.real.futher do u think they could have mixed sumthing up plz help need sumone

Christina - posted on 03/22/2012




Depends on your state and county Lisa Marie.

Is the money worth it? Abundance abounds on this planet - it is not just $ that make it, it is happiness, safety and freedom. I like what Melissa said: because in the end I realized my freedom was worth more than his money - this is worth thinking about. You most likely will no longer be able to move out of the county you file in, you may lose some rights (if visits are ordered) and if he hasn't been around, often visits are sought simply to piss you off.

Think it over: if you could get $300 a month from him, that's really only $10 a day - is it worth going to court, sending your child with a man who doesn't care about either one of you and doing it for the next however many years after fighting in court for NO LESS than a year or more?

$10 a day, or freedom? You pick. . .

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