Co-Sleeping with your baby

Michel - posted on 11/20/2008 ( 6 moms have responded )




Hi there,

I was hoping some of you could share your experiences of co-sleeping and the eventual transition to the childs own bed. My little girl is 7months old and we have gotten into the habit of when she wakes for a feeding around 4 or 5 am I bring her to bed with me to sleep for a few hours. It's also common that we will nap together. She absolutely sleeps better next to me and often holds my hand or hugs my arm. I love having her to snuggle with, and if I was determined to stay single forever then maybe I wouldn't worry about transitioning her to her own bed. But I would hope someday to find a nice man and not have a child determined to spend every night with me.

How many of you co-sleep with your little one and how hard have you found it to get them to sleep on their own?


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Rhonda - posted on 11/23/2008




I remember when my youngest was born he would not sleep unless he was touching some part of me, I would rock him to sleep for hours & the minute I laid him down & took my arms from under him he was wide awake & fidgeting & nothing would soothe him but picking him up & I'd either hold him against my chest or lie him on his belly across my lap. It was a very difficult time for me as my other son was just a year old &quite content to be off by himself in the corner with his toys, but as attached as my youngest was to me I never brought him to bed with me because I never wanted him to get use to that at all, I'm sure he'd still be sleeping with me to this day if I'd have encouraged him.

User - posted on 11/23/2008




Both my boys are co-sleeping. My first son's father was completely against it until conferring with a psychologist that confirmed the numerous benefits to co-sleeping. We have had a very rocky go since he arrived with numerous moves and more transition than most are exposed to before 18. Desi finds the family bed a "calm" place and I can't imagine doing this any other way. Everyone comments on his internal calm and strength and I think the sleeping arrangement has been a contributing factor. Think about it...when we drift off to sleep, leaving the dredges of this "reality" behind us, doesn't it seem more logical and wholistic to be in a safe place with Mom? Especially early on as the baby spends 9 months next to Mom's heartbeat, and that is reassuring beyond all else. The nursing benefits are beyond compare.

I would suggest looking at creating a special room/boudoir for you and your man to allow that part of your life to blossom while remaining strong as a family unit. Children don't stay in bed forever....regardless of Dr Phil's opinion on the subject!

Jen - posted on 11/23/2008




My son is now 3.5 years old. His dad and I split when he was 11 months. Up until he was 2, he would sleep in my bed I would say 97% of the time. I loved it! I work full time and his dad does see him a couple times a week. I feel like it is much needed bonding time, since I sometimes only see him for 2 hours a day! We have out quite time and talk about his day, cuddle, read and laugh. When he turned 3, I vowed to cut the time down (only b/c of the horror stories of 10 year olds still sleeping with their mommies! haha). Now, for the most part, he only sleeps in my bed on the nights before he goes to his dad's for the weekend and the nights he gets back from the weekend visit. On the days that he is not sleeping in my room, I let him know that morning that 'tonight you're sleeping in Ryan's room'. And I reiterate it when I pick him up, and after dinner as well. When it's expected, there isn't a fight. Then I read books and lay with him for 5 minutes so we can still have our quite time together. Hope this help! :-D

Krystal - posted on 11/23/2008




Bryce is 6 monthes old and i do the same thing. He ll get up anywhere betwenn 3 and 5 am and i let him sleep with me after that. I think it's just easier then fighting with them at 4 am. Now my boyfriend doesn't live with me or even close to me he's about 4 hours away so when he comes over it's for days at a time. Sleeping is just something that we don t get alot of if it's not him it's me on the couch at 4 am. You can't win it's either that or letting them cry themselves to sleep and who has the energy at that time?

Lauren - posted on 11/22/2008




I love it to sometimes, I got in the habit of keeping her in bed after she wakes and feeds, but I find that all it takes is a little more energy and strong will on my part to get her back to her crib. She has done just fine waking up by herself, she is 6 months old, I know that if you wait much longer it will just be harder on the both of you. I know they say not to put anything in their cribs with them, but I found that she sleeps better with a blanket, she is connected to something. If she likes your arm to snuggle with try finding something that can replace it, if she needs something to hold onto. Start now otherwise you are setting yourself up for a much more challenging transition that is not worth it. I have friends that have their children in bed with them and they are seven, or 2 years old and it is almost impossible to get them out.

Rachael - posted on 11/20/2008




I co-slept with my daughter till she was about 3 and we slowly transitioned her into her own bed. I find she was better balanced when she was young and I certainly got a lot more sleep! The transition was a bit rocky, but I think I made it harder because I wasnt all that consistant in enforcing it. She is also what I deem a "velcro" baby personality and she just is very close and needs a lot of attention. I think this is just personality and no matter what she would be like that (I have married friends with kids just like that and single mo friends with kids exacly opposite) Most of my other friends who co-slept had no issues transitioning.

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