Could be the end of us

Shakiraatily - posted on 01/03/2018 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a fiancé who is also my high school sweetheart ❤️ After high school we went our separate ways and each had 3 children we reconnected recently and have been together ever since. Almost 5 years. I understand that now my fiancé is trying to make up for the times he wasn’t around for his kids. His youngest son who is 8 ,he adores to the max he is the only child of his that he focuses on seeing and being with. However my fiancé chose to be with me and my kids so I feel he should treat all the kids the same even down to affection. My children’s dad isn’t around and it bothers me that my fiancé may play and joke with my kids but that’s as far as it goes. I treat his children as if they were mine. I know it may sound bad but I can’t stand it! I have a cousin who treats his sons mother other kids just like his own he even calls the kids just to tell them he loves them. I really think he is not the guy for me and I’m considering calling this engagement off. It’s too stressful and every time his son comes over and I see how he caters just to him I get upset. Am I too emotional about this am I going crazy? I feel like I’m trying to force it at this point help me someone. Besides this issue he really is a nice guy I just think he would be better off with someone with no kids


Carol - posted on 01/03/2018




Sounds like your thoughts are where you should go.
If you have such big doubts now I think you are much better to call it all off.
You’ll never be happy as you feel now and it will only grow a bigger problem sadly.
I think such an important thing you can’t ignore.

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