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I am a single mom i have brain cancer ive had 7 brain surgeries and i had a stroke which left me paralyze i had to learn how to walk over five times i left my baby fathers because of mental and physical abuse and i took care of my daughter on my own moved to another town i needed a break but i never stop letting her see her father family we got in an huge argument and his mom started threatening me saying shes gonna call child protective services and they showed up even tho they found no evidence of neglect the case worker comes over and laughs at me call me animated and thinks its funny i know my mother in law works for the corrections of the state and shes pulling all the strings even getting the social worker to harass me wat should i do


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Andrew - posted on 02/13/2018




If she moves though, they will probably give full custody to the father, seeing as how Viola is "ill 7 surgeries + the stroke, & I have heard, havent looked into it; but that one is the turning point for more to occurs + the brain cancer. SORRY to hear

Susan - posted on 01/29/2018




It sounds as if you are in a tough situation Are you staying in the area for your cancer treatments? Are you working through Cancer Treatment Center or other specific program? Have you considered speaking with their program and relocating? medical facilities all have a social worker to help guide patients through their specific problems. Also it sounds as if the "father family" is manipulative. Through my own experiences it does not get better especially when the MIL is that involved.
Perhaps Singleton Moms could be of assistance. They specialize in single parents with cancer. https://www.singletonmoms.org/

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