Custody advice!?

Sarah - posted on 12/11/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




My kids' father hasn't seen them in 4 years, (he's military- keeps extending his stay in Korea because he met someone over there, married her, and had a baby) and hasn't even spoken to them in 2 years.
He wanted to lower child support by OVER half and I didn't agree, but still told him I'd take off $500 dollars per month. That pissed him off and now he's threatening to come after custody.
He signed over 100% physical as well as 100% legal custody during our divorce.
(We're in California BTW)
Does he even have a case at all? I can't imagine a judge would give him any custody based on his relationship with the kids. Do I need to worry about this? I'm trying to not freak out, but to be realistic at the same time. Thanks in advance guys... I'm feeling super anxious tonight!!


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Sarah - posted on 12/14/2017




I cannot imagine a judge sending your kids to live in Korea with a full time military parent. You should not be the one deciding how much child support he pays; that is up to a judge.

Ev - posted on 12/13/2017




You need to seek a lawyer in this matter. He can come back and try for custody if he wants is his right. As for the child support. Do not lower it. That money is for your kids to have what they need and he is responsible for half of their care.

Carol - posted on 12/12/2017




Sorry can’t help with legal advice but I truly hope things work out right for you.
I can’t believe any sane judge would allow anything plus as younsay her in Korea not USA so the chances I’d say must be less than 1 percent him gain anything from threats
Good luck

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